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Subsidise fruits and vegetables to encourage healthy and sustainable diets

Economists aim to understand how consumers make choices and whether these choices can and should be influenced by policy. Every choice is a result of many factors which can be broadly divided into two groups: demand factors (preferences) and supply factors (production technology, supply chains).... click to read more

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published on May 31, 2023
Can CBD help to combat COVID variants?

The COVID-19 pandemic, which produced wide-spread devastation including over one million deaths in the United States alone, is caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. COVID continues to spread across the world even in countries with high vaccination rates and especially to those who lack access to... click to read more

  • Long Nguyen | Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University of Chicago
  • Marsha Rosner | Professor at University of Chicago
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published on May 18, 2023
An Antibody Cocktail Combats The Deadly Ebola Virus And Sudan Virus

Several viruses in the ebolavirus family cause lethal diseases in humans, including Ebola virus, Sudan virus and Bundibugyo virus. Currently approved antibodies and vaccines are effective against only the Ebola virus and not the others. Treatments that broadly cover different deadly viruses are urgently needed.... click to read more

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published on May 15, 2023
Engineered probiotic boosts cancer therapy

Cancer immunotherapy has revolutionized cancer treatment in the past decade. In principle, cancer immunotherapy works by improving a patient's immune system to recognize and eliminate cancer cells. Our immune system detects and attacks foreign cells or substances, such as bacteria or viruses. Despite coming from... click to read more

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published on Apr 19, 2023
Does eating vegetables reduce cardiovascular risk? It’s not so simple

“Eat more vegetables”. You must have heard it, read it, or said it. Probably your mom said that when you left peas or carrots on your plate at dinner. Indeed, a massive body of research has shown an association between eating vegetables and lower risk... click to read more

  • Qi Feng | Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University of Oxford
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published on Apr 21, 2023