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Evolution & Behaviour

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How mixed-breed dogs resolve the “horoscopes” surrounding dog breeds

Very little in genetics is determinate—least of all, behavior. Behaviors are dynamic processes by which animals respond to their environment to survive, and evolution can shape genes affecting behavior over generations. Genetic selection may be even more dramatic in domestic animals due to human influence... click to read more

  • Kathleen Morrill | PhD student at University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School
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published on Aug 28, 2023
The diurnal habits of a long-gone Tibetan Owl

The daytime evolutionary history of owl has largely been hidden and not studied in depth before due to the lack of definite fossil evidence. Here, we found a new fossil owl skeleton embedded in more than six-million-year-old red clay deposited during the late Miocene Epoch... click to read more

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published on Aug 18, 2023
Millions of years of evolution at stake on Madagascar

The island of Madagascar is one of the world’s most important hotspots of biodiversity, harboring diverse species from baobab trees to lemurs and even the world’s smallest chameleon, most of which are found nowhere else on Earth. In fact, around 90% of its species of... click to read more

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published on Aug 14, 2023
Man-made check dams alter tadpole growth and activity

Man-made check dams are common in our streams and rivers and are known to be effective soil and water conservation structures. Of course, they do help us in retain the soil carried by torrents from the mountains and act as artificial water sources for our... click to read more

  • Jithin V. | Junior Research Fellow at Wildlife Institute of India
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published on Jun 7, 2023
Sensorimotor wandering: leading spontaneously early human development

The human body consists of numerous bones, joints, and muscles, making it difficult to control their movements in a coordinated manner. Nevertheless, we can effortlessly perform various actions and behaviors. Accumulated evidence from both human and animal studies suggests that these complex and coordinated motor... click to read more

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published on Jun 2, 2023