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Fair or unfair? The infinite patience of domestic dogs

It is likely not surprising to anyone reading this that humans have a strong sense of fairness. We recognize and respond to inequities from a very young age, and we continue to strive for equity throughout our lives. Though many may consider this a uniquely... click to read more

  • Jenny Essler | Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Messerli - Research Institute, University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, Austria
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published on Oct 12, 2018
The healthy happiness behind dog ownership

Dogs have been called man's best friend for several centuries and it is not uncommon to read about the stereotype benefits on health and well-being attributed to their companionship. Their presence in a home has been associated with longevity, less loneliness, better adaptation to living... click to read more

  • Mwenya Mubanga | PhD student at SciLifeLab, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
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published on Aug 16, 2018
Survival of the friendliest

More than forty million Americans cherish their tail-wagging, face-licking, ball-fetching best friends. But not many people would welcome a wolf into their home. What makes dogs so uniquely friendly? Scientists have studied the unique relationship between humans and domestic dogs for decades, but the role... click to read more

  • Bridgett vonHoldt | Assistant Professor at Princeton University, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, 106A Guyot Hall, Princeton, USA
  • Emily Shuldiner | Undergraduate student at Princeton University, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, 106A Guyot Hall, Princeton, USA
  • Monique Udell | Assistant Professor at Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences, Oregon State University, OR 97331, USA
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published on Dec 13, 2017