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Recovering data you have never seen

What do you do when some of your data is missing? Imagine taking pictures with a camera and discovering some of the pixels are missing on all of the pictures. In this case, you can probably guess what the missing pixels should be using the... click to read more

  • Rik Voorhaar | PhD Student at Univeristy of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland
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published on Apr 15, 2021
What could improve our children’s mathematics and science abilities?

Locus of control (LOC) is part of one's personality. It describes how an individual reacts to their circumstances. Psychologists measure it on a scale, at the high end of which are individuals known as externally oriented, and, at the other end, the internally oriented. The... click to read more

  • Jean Golding | Emeritus Professor at Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK
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published on Sep 6, 2019