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Quentin Laurent

joined in May 20, 2021

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at McGill University, Canada.

Laurent has 2 breaks published.

How an artificial molecular machine pumps in nanoscale

Nature often uses sophisticated strategies beyond our imagination. For example, biomolecules such as enzymes and nucleic acids form dynamic networks, in which they loosely associate with each other only when they need to perform a task together. Taking inspiration from such weak and temporary interactions,... click to read more

  • Quentin Laurent | Postdoctoral Research Fellow at McGill University, Canada
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published on May 20, 2021
UV light is not all bad for DNA

A bright, sunny summer day, no sunscreen, and there it is: you got a sunburn. On their way to self-destruction, your skin cells’ DNA has been damaged by the solar ultraviolet (UV) light. Absorbing UV, some DNA bases undergo a chemical reaction, called photocyclization, linking... click to read more

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published on Apr 26, 2023