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Bee aware! Signs of a global decline in wild bee diversity

Everyone likes bees; they are fuzzy, love flowers and do many great things – but they might not be around for much longer. Although most of us are familiar with the European honeybee, this is but one of over 20 thousand species of wild bees, and... click to read more

  • Eduardo E. Zattara | Adjunct Researcher at INIBIOMA, Universidad Nacional del Comahue, CONICET, Bariloche, Argentina
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published on Oct 14, 2021
The berries and the bees: wild bees do it better

Even though that there are more than 20,000 species of bees worldwide, the word "bee" often invokes images of a hive-dwelling, golden-liquid-generating insect. Although honey bees have been stealing the spotlight for quite some time, most bee species are wild, unmanaged, and do not produce... click to read more

  • Gail MacInnis | PhD student at Faculty of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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published on Aug 22, 2019