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How do people see, simplify, and solve problems?

Everyday life often gives us new problems to solve. For example, imagine flying back from a relaxing vacation and your return trip includes a layover in a new city. You’ve just landed at your connecting destination but learn that the next flight has been canceled.... click to read more

  • Mark Ho | Assistant Professor at Stevens Institute of Technology
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published on Aug 25, 2023
Infants distinguish between leaders and bullies

We all know well the difference between a bully and a leader. We can easily spot the difference between a power based on fear, coercion, and violence, and a power based on mutual respect. We may call the latter authority or leadership, and the former... click to read more

  • Francesco Margoni | Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science, University of Trento, Rovereto, Italy
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published on Feb 1, 2019