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The hidden emotions within our blood flow

Researchers generally agree that human emotions correspond to the execution of a number of computations by the central nervous system (CNS). Previous researchers (most famously Duchenne and Darwin) have assessed the hypothesis that some of these computations yield visible facial muscle actions. These facial muscle... click to read more

  • Aleix M. Martinez | Professor at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The Ohio State University, Ohio, USA
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Reading time 4 min
published on Oct 17, 2018
Hips don’t lie: attraction revealed by dancing body language

Dancing forms a huge part of human social life, and humans often get together to dance when romance is in the air but what makes a good dancer? Human courtship is complex, yet we currently know a lot about the physical factors involved in one person... click to read more

  • Nick Neave | Associate Professor and Lecturer at Department of Psychology, Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK
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published on Jul 27, 2017