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Content: Volume 9, Issue 4

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Heading underground with cold atoms

Delving deep into Earth to extract information is crucial for various industries. Whether it is for oil and gas prospecting, mineral exploration, or monitoring carbon capture and storage, boreholes constitute gateways to underground secrets. To navigate these intricate labyrinths, we need advanced sensing technologies. During... click to read more

  • Jamie Vovrosh | Research Fellow at University of Birmingham
  • Sam Hedges | Postgraduate Researcher at University of Birmingham
  • Farzad Hayati | Professor at University of Birmingham
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published on Dec 1, 2023
Rudimentary form of syntax present in chimpanzees

Our language-based complex communication system is one of the defining features that makes us unique among all species. Syntax -combining words together into phrases- makes language-based communication limitless in terms of the amount and type of information we can communicate about. This is due to... click to read more

  • Maël Leroux | Associate professor at Department of Animal and Human Behaviour
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published on Nov 29, 2023
An incredibly massive ancient whale skeleton reveals a new way to become a giant

Which animal is the largest? The fastest? The most ferocious? These are some of the first topics in natural sciences to be discussed between children. These should not be considered as trivial, as they often lead to relevant questions about how, when, and why such... click to read more

  • Olivier Lambert | Group leader at Institut royal des Sciences naturelles de Belgique, D.O. Terre et Histoire de la Vie, Brussels, Belgium
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published on Nov 27, 2023
What keeps trees grounded?

When asked to sketch a tree, you'll likely draw branches reaching towards the sky and roots delving into the earth. Sounds alright, but have you ever wondered how trees know where the earth is? 

If you were to tip over a potted plant, its roots wouldn't... click to read more

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published on Nov 24, 2023
Gas in distant galaxies: mixed or matched?

Illustration realized in the framework of a collaboration between the Image/Recit option of the HEAD (Haute École d'Art et de Design) - Genève and the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Geneva.

What is a galaxy? The common conception of a galaxy, in which it... click to read more

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published on Nov 22, 2023