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The missing galaxies in the early universe

Most of the stars in the universe are born, live, and die within a galaxy – a system containing millions (or billions) of stars. Galaxies are extremely numerous in the universe. No matter where we look in the night sky, or in which direction we... click to read more

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published on May 29, 2023
Pluto orbits in elegant arrangement with the giant planets

Soon after Pluto was discovered in 1930, astronomers learned that its orbit overlaps Neptune's orbit and that it’s rather tilted, compared to the nearly common plane of the other planets. Propagating its orbit into the past and the future then revealed the surprising property... click to read more

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published on May 24, 2023
The mystery of fast radio bursts: another piece to the puzzle that doesn’t quite fit

In 2007, Duncan Lorimer and his colleagues announced the discovery of a flash of radio light that was not only extremely short and bright but that also seemed to be coming from a galaxy far away from our own. At the time, the astronomical community... click to read more

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published on May 17, 2023
How the early Earth evolved from a hellish to a habitable world

No terrestrial rocks that formed in the first 500 million years of Earth’s history have been discovered so far, making it difficult to study this period. This, however, has not deterred scientists from trying to understand this period because many events that shaped the present-day... click to read more

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published on May 19, 2023
Can dark matter interact with itself?

The nature of dark matter, the invisible matter that holds galaxies together, still evades scientists almost a century after first inferring its existence. Since we cannot observe dark matter directly, like we can detect a star through the light it emits, astrophysicists study how its... click to read more

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published on May 10, 2023